Pretty Bird Jungle Munchies Cockatoo

Pretty Bird


Pretty Bird Jungle Munchies Amazon & Cockatoo Food is a scientifically designed "species specific" blend fortified with vitamins and minerals. Pretty Bird has taken the unique approach of designing each blend for a particular species of bird. Each blend has only those ingredients that those species love to eat. Each bag of Pretty Bird Jungle Munchies Amazon & Cockatoo Food contains a carefully chosen selection of the finest quality ingredients avaialble, all of which have passed the rigorous inspection and testing procedures you would expect from Pretty Bird. All nuts chosen have exceeded top quality human-grade standards and are a delightful addition to the mix. Each mix also has been nutritionally fortified with the addition of Pretty Bird's extruded pellets to ensure parrots will enjoy their daily dose of essential vitamins and minerals. Combine all this with a nitrogen-flushed oxygen-proofbag to eliminate any bugs, and you have perhaps the finest food avaiable to date. 2 year freshness guarantee on every bag.

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