Lafeber Nutri-Meals Bountiful Harvest Parrot



  • On-The-Go Nutrition
  • For the Fruit & Veggie Lover in your bird
  • Made in the USA

Juicy cranberries and raisins paired with sweet potatoes and delicious walnuts combine with our nutritious pellets to make Bountiful Harvest Nutri-Meals. Pre-measured and individually sealed portions make Nutri-Meals the perfect on-the-go food for the bird in your life. Plus, your pet bird will love the shape and texture of Nutri-Meals which are designed to satisfy a bird’s natural desire for foraging.At Lafeber Company, we balance the omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, which help strengthen your bird’s immune system. We also use chelated minerals for better absorption, stabilized vitamins for increased longevity, and we naturally preserve and flavor our foods. Our recipes are tested by an independent lab to ensure that our strict quality standards are met.

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